Welcome to space travel club
The first NFT project to board to the real space with a trip every year

The STC is a real space experience project that gives the NFT holders the chance to board to real space every year and the NFT will work as your membership card that gives you access to our STC events, free Metaverse planets as well as many members only benefits.

About the project

Our project plan is to make every ticket holder have the chance to board to the space, while some ticket holders are guaranteed to receive their boarding pass, others will have the chance to board between 40%-75% on the first trip, since this project is continuous so your chances to board increases since it’s not a onetime ticket.
Each year we will snapshot our ticket holders on a specific date (we will announce the date later), and every ticket holder depends on the type of the ticket he/she is holding will be notified either by mail, email or through our website that he/she is one of the winners for the boarding passes and it’s up to the ticket holder to choose to board or not, not only ticket holders will board to the space, there will be Christmas party, Halloween party and over 50 parties every year and allot of events.
This is a members-only benefits club where the ticket holders only can use their tickets to have the chance to board to space or access the club announced parties, your ticket is your digital VIP pass to these events so enjoy with us while you hold the best ticket in the world.
You can hold more than 1 ticket if you want to invite a member of you family or a close friend to one of our events. 

Tickets types

While every ticket holder has access to all VIP events , boarding to space have special requirements, you should be a winner when we draw winning tickets after each snapshot, our tickets collection contain 246 tickets, while 245 tickets will be listed for minting, 1 Palladium ticket will be gifted to our special guest, ticket types and Chances to board after each snapshot :

Palladium 100% 
Golden 60%
Platinum 30%
Silver 25%
Bronze 0%

Project Roadmap

This club is here to stay so please pay attention to our roadmap as it will soon contain important dates and updates


√ Launching our website and social media platforms
√ Launching our discord
√uploading our tickets to opensea.com 


• Announcing minting date and time
• Listing our tickets on opensea.com for minting
• Gifting some of our ticket to our social media members


• Creating profile photo NFT for STC tickets holders to be linked to STC ticket
• Announcing members only events dates
• Announcing snapshot date and time
• Announcing our special guest


• Announcing first trip winning tickets
• Announcing first trip date
• Winning tickets holders will be notified what is the next step to board on our website


• Announcing our metaverse planets project starting date 
• Designing Metaverse planets
• Testing metaverse planets
• Gifting each ticket holder his own planet
• Announcing STC planets launching date

Loyalty gained from NFT minting will be airdropped biweekly as below: 


to STC Tickets holders


to active discord and social media followers


to project development 


to Dev team


Music festivals such as Dekmantel, Tomorrowland, Afro Nation, Osheaga and many more.

Members only Cruise trips all around the globe

Sports tickets for all NFL, NBA, NHL, FIFA finals, super bowl and more

A fully booked resorts in the Maldives, Mexico, Thailand, and Turkey exclusively to our STC members

Special day’s events parties such as Valentine’s Day, Star Wars fan day, Halloween party, Christmas party, charity parties and more.