Our dev Team

Some dev team members chose to stay anonymous and so most of our members, we won’t share your name, address, phone, email with anyone, we won’t contact you unless it’s an urgent matter and you should check the sender e-mail before replying to any e-mail using our name, if any dev team members chose to be doxed it up to him/her

Our Team

Our leader and our boss who invented this project and share the keys with Mars, he has over 15 years’ experience in projects development, worked in one of the biggest companies in Canada.

Project Manager and founder

Our funder and the financial planner for this project, he is passionate about space , green energy and electrical cars , he plans to keep his identity anonymous for now and he might change his mind later.

Financial planner 

our geek and nerdy team member who can solve any equation without the need for pen and paper, worked for NASA for long time and holds PHD in engineering.

Derrick Playford AKA VENUS
Technical manager

our lovely graphic designers team manager ,she worked for the biggest search engine on the internet (you know it for sure).

Gabrielle Hines AKA SUN

our tech and blockchains expert, over 13 years in technical support and worked for a major company in Canada

Megan Campanella AKA Earth
Blockchain expert

our social media channels manager and events planner, worked over 11 years as event planner and 5 years as marketing manager.

Sophia Price AKA  Neptune
Marketing and SM manager

** Please be advised that our wallets Treasury keys will be held by 2 members and to make any transaction both members need to enter their password to move any funds.


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